Fertilizer 2018 October 9th - 11th Hotel Realm, Canberra

Fertilizer 2018 is a significant event on the industry calendar. Delegates from the majority of fertilizer manufacturers, importers, distributors and contract applicators in Australia will be attending.


It will be held in Canberra on the 9th-10th of October at Hotel Realm, with a Machinery Field Day on the 11th of October at the Sutton Road Driver Training Centre.


Over 150 delegates are expected including CEO’s, Senior Managers and leading technical and logistics staff as well as owners and operators of fertilizer spreading and services businesses and agronomists.


The Machinery Field Day will be a hands-on event that will focus on logistics and precision of agriculture equipment associated with fertilizer and soil amendment products (lime, gypsum, compost and animal manures).
Sponsorship provides the ability to connect with many of the significant players in the fertilizer industry.


There is a separate sponsorship proposal for both the Conference and the Machinery Field Day. The major sponsorship for both the Conference and the Machinery Field Day will be offered first with applications closing on 31st January 2018. In the event of more than one applicant, a closed auction will be used to resolve the issue. Losing bidder(s) will be given a choice of the remaining packages prior to general release. All other sponsorship packages will be allocated in the order that applications are received.


Fertilizer 2018 is a joint conference with the Australian Fertiliser Service Association (AFSA) NSW branch and Fertilizer Australia.

Mark the dates in your calendar now 9th-11th October 2018 Canberra - Fertilizer 2018. 


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