Find An Accu-Spread Contractor

The "Accu-Spread® Listing" file below contains a list of businesses with current Accu-Spread accredited machines. The number on the left under each business is the Accu-Spread certificate number allocated when the machine is tested. Vehicle make and registration number are also provided in the Accu-Spread listing.

The Accu-Spread graphs for each machine are also available below, listed by business and Accu-Spread certificate number. The presence of GPS guidance equipment is being noted in testing undertaken from 1 July 2014. As some of the equipment listed below was tested prior to 1 July 2014, GPS guidance equipment will not be noted on the earlier Accu-Spread graphs/certificates even though this technology may be fitted. If you wish to confirm how an operator drives accurate and consistent bout widths, please contact the business concerned.

Accuspread Listings.pdf


 Agri Fertiliser Services 580.pdf      Henry Fertiliser and Freight 638.pdf      
 Agvance 585.pdf       Henry Fertiliser and Freight 639.pdf   
 Altrac Spreading 609.pdf      J and J Spreading 595.pdf      Swan Bros 666.pdf
 Baileys Fertiliser 673.pdf      J and J Spreading 647.pdf      Swan Bros 668.pd
 Baileys Fertiliser 674.pdf      J and J Spreading 648.pdf      Swan Bros 669.pdf
 BJ & DJ Clohessy 555.pdf
     Korumburra Lime & Spreading 645.pdf      Tambellup Bulk Spreading 667.pdf
 Bonners 651.pdf      Korumburra Lime & Spreading 646.pdf      TasTrac Super Spreading 610.pdf
 Bonners 652.pdf      Korumburra Lime&Spreading 681.pdf      Techgrow International 650.pdf
 Browns Fertilizer 590.pdf      KUHN 644.pdf      Vickery Bros 597.pdf
 Browns Fertilizer 591.pdf      KUHN 649a.pdf      Vickery Bros 598.pdf
 Browns Fertilizer 592.pdf      KUHN 649b.pdf      Vickery Bros 599.pdf
 Browns Fertilizer 663.pdf
     KUHN 691a.pdf      Vickery Bros 600.pdf
 Browns Fertilizer 671.pdf
     KUHN 691b.pdf      Vickery Bros 632.pdf
 Browns Fertilizer 672.pdf      Landpower Australia 562.pdf      Vickery Bros 633.pdf
 Circle C Contracting 565.pdf      Lipps Bulk Super 561.pdf      Vickery Bros 634.pdf
 Clarke Bros 684.pdf
     Lipps Bulk Super 574.pdf      Vickery Bros 635.pdf
 Crump 625.pdf      Lipps Bulk Super 581.pdf      Vickery Bros 636.pdf
 Dellavedova 686.pdf
     Lipps Bulk Super 582.pdf      Vickery Bros 696.pdf
 Dellavedova 687.pdf
     Lipps Bulk Super 583.pdf      Webber and Chivell 569.pdf
 Dellavedova 688.pdf      Lipps Bulk Super 593.pdf      Webber and Chivell 570.pdf
 Earley Spreading 700.pdf
     McDougall Fertiliser Service 614.pdf      Webber and Chivell 571.pdf
 Elders Kooweerup 557.pdf      McDougall Fertiliser Service 615.pdf      Webber and Chivell 572.pdf
 Fertspread 601.pdf
     McDougall Fertiliser Service 616.pdf      Webber and Chivell 573.pdf
 Fertspread 602.pdf      McDougall's Fertiliser Service 697.pdf      Webber and Chivell 626.pdf
 Fertspread 604.pdf
     McDougall's Fertiliser Service 698.pdf      Webber and Chivell 626B.pdf
 Fertspread 605.pdf
     Nichol Trading 653.pdf     Webber and Chivell 628.pdf
 Fertspread 606.pdf
     Nichol Trading 654.pdf      Webber and Chivell 642.pdf
 Fertspread 607.pdf
     Nichol Trading 655.pdf      Webber and Chivell 658.pdf
 Gibsons 588.pdf
     Nichol Trading 656.pdf      Webber and Chivell 659.pdf
 Gibsons 509.pdf
     Nichol Trading 657.pdf      Wheelhouse Group 549.pdf
 Gibsons 508.pdf      Pinnaroo 643.pdf      Webber and Chivell 660.pdf
 Gippsland Bulk Spreaders 681.pdf
     Quinns Transport 611.pdf      Wheelhouse Group 553.pdf
 Gippsland Bulk Spreaders 682.pdf
     Quinns Transport 612.pdf
     Wheelhouse Group 554.pdf
 Gippsland Bulk Spreaders 683.pdf      Quinns Transport 613.pdf      Whiteleys 685.pdf
 Harberger Farm Supplies 566.pdf
     Rees Fertilisers 563.pdf     Yenda Producers 558.pdf 
 Harberger Farm Supplies 567.pdf      Rich River Seeds and Fertiliser 576.pdf     Yenda Producers 559.pdf
 Harberger Farm Supplies 568.pdf
     Rich River Seeds and Fertiliser 579.pdf      Yenda Producers 560.pdf
 Harrington Spreadmasters 594.pdf      Rochester Spreading 586.pdf  
       Rochester Spreading 587.pdf