Nutrients and Fertilizer Information

Fertcare is a joint venture with the Australian Fertilizer Services Association


Soil Sampling

The Fertcare Soil Sampling Guide can be Found Here. The guide forms part of the Fertcare B and C training resources and the sampling section of the Fertcare Accredited Advisor Performance Standards. Fertcare Accredited Advisors, agronomists and others involved in soil sampling are strongly encouraged to follow the guide.

International Plant Nutrition Institute Resources

The following information  has been provided by the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI). IPNI ceased operations on 1st April 2019 and has kindly made this information available through Fertilizer Australia.

The Australian Soil Fertility Manual

A trusted fertilizer reference book published by CSIRO. This manual helps fertilizer dealers, extension workers, consultants, teachers and others concerned with the profitable and environmentally safe use of plant nutrients to give sound agronomic advice to farmers.

Fertilizers And Climate Change

Greenhouse gas implications for agriculture, soils and fertilizer.

Nitrogen Use Efficiency And Nitrous Oxide

In response to climate change issues, Fertcare® has brought together new information on nitrous oxide and nitrogen use efficiency from recent research.

Nitrogen Use Efficiency - Enhanced Efficiency Products

Some products can improve nitrogen use efficiency, due to the form of nitrogen, or treatment with coatings or inhibitors. 

Soil Carbon

There has been a renewed focus to better understand the role and function of soil carbon. Fertcare has provided a snapshot of current knowledge and signposts the key messages and reports coming from recent research and investigations across Australia.

Cracking The Nutrient Code

This guide benefits from the extensive nutrient management experience within the fertilizer industry and provides you with the tools to develop and implement a Nutrient Management Code of Practice for your industry, region or farm.

Evaluation Of Fertcare

This 2007 independent report reviews the extent to which Fertcare has influenced nutrient management decisions, after two years of operation in north Queensland. In summary, the report found the Fertcare program has been effective in improving the skills and knowledge of people who supply, apply or provide advice on fertilizers.