Fertilizer Australia has three strategic platforms and will focus on priority areas within each in order to provide clear value to members. The table provides a brief summary of the strategy which can be downloaded from the link below.





Sustainability & Stewardship


Keeping our house in order

- Implement the Fertcare product stewardship program.

- Implement Codes of Practice in identified areas of risk and opportunity.

- Annual sustainability reporting.


- The industry can clearly demonstrate effective management of issues.



Effective partnerships

- Improve public policy development and implementation through constructive engagement with government at both the operational and policy level.

- Develop and understand the evidence base for issues through constructive engagement with stakeholders, including:

- fertilizer users;

- scientists and research funders;

- interest groups; and

- the fertilizer industry.


- Public policy is efficient and effective in managing genuine issues.

- Policy and programs are evidence based.



- Manage industry input to the development and implementation of quarantine policy.

- Co-ordinate quarantine arrangements with overseas supply chain partners.

- Quarantine procedures are efficient and effective.

Information & Education


Telling our story

- Provide accurate and relevant information on the Australian Fertilizer Industry in the global context.

- Provide a clear description of the role and programs of Fertilizer Australia and publicise the outcomes.

- The media, policy makers and other interested stakeholders have:

- a good understanding of the Australian Fertilizer Industry and its value to food and fibre production; and

- a good understanding of the role and outcomes of Fertilizer Australia.






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